Inaugural Visit of H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal to Munich

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal,  Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger and Honorary Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy
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An exiting week lies behind us as the newly appointed ambassador to Berlin H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal has completed his inaugural visit to Munich from July 27th to July 28th. 

We had the chance to meet high ranking economic decision makers as well as the honour to openly discuss the issues relating to Pakistan with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger. 

Minister Hubert Aiwanger received His Excellency on July 27th at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy to discuss opportunities to deepen and strengthen the Pakistani-Bavarian business relationships. 

The Minister was pleased to announce that every Bavarian entrepreneur, who is in a close relationship with Pakistani partners, reported to him in the most positive way, that Pakistani partners are especially reliable and trustworthy. Therefore the Ministry will wholeheartedly support all actions to deepen Bavarian and Pakistani relationships and is looking into possible proposals for investments in the Pakistani market in support of these objectives. As a special incentive Pakistan and Bavaria will try to initiate an exchange program for dual training and studies.

H.E. offered that Pakistan would be happy to receive business delegations and suggested a visit to Punjab, to establish further business bonds between Bavaria, as strong economic hub for Germany, and Punjab as strong economic hub for Pakistan. Minister Aiwanger agreed fully and mentioned again the very successful business delegations to Pakistan in 2018 and 2019. According to the Minister, Bavaria is convinced that Pakistan is a fast growing market with a young and uprising population and an increasingly affluent middle class, which could develop into a large export market for Bavaria. 

The corona crisis was of course a topic during this meeting. Minister Aiwanger was interested to hear how Pakistan is currently coping economically in fighting the pandemic and wether there was an economic depression the country had to fight simultaneously. H. E. was pleased to announce that the Smart Lockdown initiated by Prime Minister Khan was effective: the poorest had been supported monetarily, while bigger companies were able to return to a new normal. The small and medium seized businesses were struck the hardest and it will take some time to return to a new normal status for these businesses. The corona pandemic has so far led to the death of 5000 Pakistani citizens; a tragic loss for the country, but the Ambassador is convinced that Pakistan will be able to keep the casualties as low as possible with the smart lockdown system. 

Energy politics were discussed by both parties intensively as H. E. informed Minister Aiwanger that Pakistan is changing its entire grid system to depend in future almost exclusively on renewable energy. The Ambassador further pointed out that Pakistan was willing to upgrade its grid infrastructure with products made in Germany and especially Bavaria.

This will mark the launching point for investments to come within the energy sector that could be introduced and arranged by the Honorary Consulate in Munich, which is ‟working very efficiently even in Your Excellency’s absence and representing Pakistan with dignity“ as Minister Aiwanger stated during the meeting. 

Following the meeting with Minister Aiwanger, His Excellency was received by Minister of State and Head of the State Chancellery Dr. Florian Hermann at the State Chancellery in the heart of Munich. 

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal,  Minister of State Hubert Aiwanger and Honorary Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy
© StMWi/E. Neureuther

Following the meeting with Minister Aiwanger, His Excellency was received by Minister of State and Head of the State Chancellery Dr. Florian Hermann at the State Chancellery in the heart of Munich. 

Minister Dr. Herrmann was pleased to hear from H.E. about the fruitful discussions with the Ministry of Economic affairs and assured his full support especially regarding the receiving of different business delegations from Pakistan.

Minister Dr. Herrmann expressed concerns regarding the situation between Pakistan and India. His Excellency assured the Minister that Prime Minister Imran Khan is doing everything in his power to normalise relations to India; a very difficult task due to the extreme right wing Indian government. 

Both parties agreed that Pakistan and Germany should strengthen their political relationships further, as H.E. pointed out that a strong Europe will be more necessary than ever to stabilise the world and that Germany is considered to be the entry point to the European Union. The Ambassador expressed his hope that the European Union will be able to develop an independent identity and be more present in the world after Corona. 

After strengthening the ties on a political level the visit went on to develop new business opportunities for Pakistan in Bavaria and vice versa. 

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal with the Presidency of Export Club Bayern and Honorary Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis at Münchner Yacht Club

At the Summer Fest of the Export Club Bayern at the Münchner Yachtclub wonderfully located in Starnberg, H.E. was invited to give a Keynote Speech to one hundred guests, all decision makers of medium sized and large Bavarian companies, amongst them Siemens Financial Services, BMW, and many more, regarding investment and business opportunities in

Honorary Consul Dr. Pantelis Christian Poetis, H.R.H. Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Mohammad Faisal and Dr. Michael Kerkloh.
Forming a united front
His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Faisal receiving a welcome gift - the Bavarian lion - by Honorary Consul Dr. Poetis during their meeting in Islamabad in February 2020

During the last week we have witnessed many positive news from Pakistan as Prime Minister Khan has kicked off the construction work of the biggest dam of Pakistan’s history “Diamer-Bhasha Dam”. The project will generate 4,500MW of hydel power and provide at least 16,000 jobs. The construction work will be complete by 2028.

Furthermore, the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with Overseas Employment Corporation (OEC), a public sector organization established to promote emigration of Pakistani manpower abroad and to provide competent, reliable and cost-effective human resource to International Labour Market. Lieutenant General S.M. Imran Majeed, Vice Chancellor, NUMS, stated that in addition to post selection trainings, NUMS would also be conducting the required exams which are mandatory as per requirement of a particular country or region.
We may also share that the new ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Berlin, His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Faisal, will visit Bavaria from 27 - 28 July 2020.
Together with Honorary Consul Dr. Poetis he will meet Bavarian high officials including Bavarian Vice Minister-President and Minister of State, Mr. Hubert Aiwanger, to discuss the Bavarian relationship with Pakistan. Promotion of bilateral trade and investment in numerous sectors will be discussed during the meeting. Among others they will discuss the bilateral cooperation in Energy and Healthcare They will also discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on the economies and how their governments are dealing with the current situation.
His Excellency Dr. Faisal will also interact with the Bavarian business community to highlight the incentives which the government of Pakistan announced to promote foreign direct investment in Pakistan.
His Excellency Dr. Faisal is a seasoned diplomat who joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1995 and held various diplomatic assignments in Pakistan Missions abroad like Dar-es-Salam, Brussels and Jeddah. He also served as the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2017 to 2019. And we look forward to the projects he will enable during his tenure in Germany. 
We will keep you updated about the important meetings during the visit. 
Attached please see this week’s news article about the latest developments in different sectors.
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Ambassador Dr. Faisal presents diplomatic credentials to German president

Ambassador Dr. Faisal presents diplomatic credentials to German president

Pakistan's newly appointed Ambassador to Germany Dr Muhammad Faisal has officially taken over diplomatic responsibilities in Berlin by giving a letter of credence to German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The prestigious ceremony was held at the official residence of German President known as Schloss Bellevue.

The envoy conveyed good wishes from Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi to the German head of state. In a brief encounter with the president, Dr Faisal discussed the importance of bilateral ties between the two countries and hoped that his tenure would be useful in putting German-Pakistan relations on solid footings.

Welcoming the envoy to Berlin, President Steinmeier assured of strong ties between Pakistan and Germany.

"GATE to Pakistan team" welcomes His Excellancy Dr. Faisal in Germany and wishing him a great success during his tenure as an Ambassador.

Visit to the location of 3rd Patty Child Clinic in Chak 16 district Mandi Bahauddin

Ahsan Mehmood Baba, President Lions Club Chillianwala, visited the site of the 3rd Patty’s Child Clinic in Chak 16 District Mandi Bahauddin together with other members of the Lions Club Chillianwala. Mr. Kafayat Ullah, CEO of the construction company briefed him about the construction plan. The construction work will start in the near future, Haji Imtiaz Ahmed, Member of National Assembly (MNA) will lay the foundation stone during the coming week and the works will be completed by December 2020. The clinic will be ready to serve the area from January 2021.

We are especially grateful to our supporters of the Lions Club International Foundation who supported the project with 61,708.00 US Dollar. We will keep you posted!

For more information about Patty's Child Clinics in Pakistan please visit our website.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to Bill Gates

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Phone Call with Bill Gates on COVID-19 Pandemic



Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on 28 April 2020, to discuss the latest developments surrounding the COVID-19 response.


Pakistan's coronavirus cases have climbed to 16,117 while the death toll from the pandemic has reached 358.


During the conversation, the Prime Minister expressed appreciation for the support provided by the Gates Foundation and other international partners during this unprecedented crisis and emphasized the continued urgency of the situation.


Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that Pakistan was making all efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic with a robust and coordinated response. He emphasized that Pakistan was facing a dual challenge of overcoming the pandemic and saving people, particularly the most vulnerable segments of the population, from hunger due to lockdown. He underlined that the government had put together a US$ 8 billion package to support the affected people and businesses. Steps taken by the government have helped in containing the spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan. The Prime Minister’s call for “Global Initiative on Debt Relief” for the developing countries is in the same context.


Mr. Gates mentioned how COVID-19 was a threat across the world. He commended Pakistan’s efforts in protecting the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable populations.


Prime Minister Imran Khan and Bill Gates also discussed their shared priority of polio eradication. They discussed the important role that Pakistan’s polio staff and infrastructure are playing in the fight against COVID-19. The polio teams are supporting the training of frontline polio health workers on COVID-19, and using contact tracing, testing and communications methods to curb transmission. In the context of the Pandemic, they also discussed, that routine immunization programs for children especially polio vaccination cannot be ignored, as well as, the need for capacity enhancement of the National Institute of Health.


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